Business as mission is a strategy for the specific purpose of the transformation of people and communities: spiritually, economically and socially – for the glory of God, through a viable and sustainable business which has Kingdom of God values, purpose, perspective and impact.

What is Business as Mission?

‘Business as mission’ is a term being used in contemporary missions to describe the integration of ministry goals and business goals to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. Business as mission is to accelerate the completion of the Great Commission through the use of a new avenue of missionary service; it is not to lessen the fervour and sacrificial commitment of our missionaries in their ministries.

‘BUSINESS AS MISSION’ IS TOTALLY DISTINCT AS A STRATEGY FROM ‘BUSINESS FOR INCOME GENERATION’. Business as Mission is a strategy to advance the work of the great commission and is not primarily about generating funds or doing business for any other motivation.

Business as mission is more than conducting business in a godly or ethical way, or even doing business to generate finances to fund other kinds of ministry, although these are much needed. Producing an income (through profitability) and running a business to a high standard are foundations of any sustainable business and should be outcomes of business as mission – however, these are not the end goal or primary motivation. Good business practice will not alone point people to Jesus, for that a business must be more intentional. Business as mission is a distinctive strategy where the spiritual, physical or social needs of people and communities are addressed in and through the business activities – the business is the ‘ministry’ in itself.

There is a growing momentum internationally towards the model of business as mission (also known as ‘transformational business’, ‘great commission companies’ or ‘kingdom business’). God is stirring up a dual calling to business and mission amongst his people globally. This ‘movement’ is strategic for many reasons, not least because there is an open door to business in almost every part of the world.

Business involves many relationships and is an ideal environment to witness and disciple in the context of everyday life. A role in business offers a model for new believers to follow and the opportunity to impart biblical principles within the business and beyond. Business provides an understandable and credible role in the community and an opportunity to bring a Godly influence to its people, leaders and institutions.Business may be the best and most stable means to bring the Gospel – through word and deed – to an unreached people or omega zone. Business is a God-given means to sustain and multiply resources and can bring hope and empowerment to the poor or marginalized by providing jobs, income and dignity. Business can strengthen the church in areas where Christians are marginalised or persecuted.There is the potential for business to bring a whole expression of the Gospel, addressing spiritual and physical needs, with the power to transform people, communities and societies.

Article taken from (YWAM)

To start and set up a new business cost about $6,000 per business and provides an income to 2-3 families. If interested or have some questions don’t hesitate to email us. Or if you would like to make a donation to support our BAM project click here

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