Philippine Culture In Pictures: Transportation

TTN Ministry has been blessed to be a part of what God has for the Philippines, specifically, in the island paradise of Palawan. Since we came here in 2005, we have seen how God moving and how he is opening the eyes of his people, both us and the locals.

We want to show you step-by-step on our webpage how the Philippines, in particularly Palawan and it’s culture truly is in pictures.

We begin by showing you how does our transportation here looks like…

TTN Ministry Transportation in Palawan These minivans and a commuter bus are parked in El Nido terminal. They are the main transportation when going outside the main city of Puerto Princesa.

This is a typical Puerto Princesa City main street of Rizal Ave.on a sunny day…

Palawan’s first taxi came just 3 years ago, threatening the classic Tricycle cabs… This is better though than tricycles…both in rates and in terms of comfort.

Another typical sunny day on Rizal Ave. in Puerto Princesa City

Palawan tricycle cab

Motorists on their transportation of choice in Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City

Smiling tricycle driver in Puerto Princesa 

The street is sometimes dominated by these classic guys…

If there is anything you would like to know about the ministry here in Palawan, Philippines, or you want to know more about the Philippine culture, please let us know so we can work on it on our web page.

Thanks and have a great day!

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