A NEW Ministry in progress….


  1. Sexual Education – this ministry provides teaching and info for those interested about sexuality, contraception and conception. The focus of this ministry will be to promote abstaining from sex until married, but also educate people about the harm of abortion and usage of certain contraception’s…
  2. Pro-life Center – the focus of this ministry will be to provide a place for pregnancy test. Offer options about what to do after a person becomes pregnant. We will inform the person about the negative results of abortion and encourage the option of giving birth to the unborn child.
  3. Motherhood – a ministry that will guide the single mum in giving birth and if necessary offer a place for the mother to give birth and prepare the mother for motherhood. Teaching the mother that having a child is not the end of life, however, rather the beginning. Also info about hygiene, healthy living and raising children.
  4. Orphanage (adoption agency) – some mum’s will be willing to give birth to the unwanted child but not willing to raise the child. In those cases this ministry will try to find a family who would be willing to adopt the new born child.
  5. Beyond Abortion – this ministry is for those woman who had an abortion but are living with regret, anxiety or heartache. Even if the abortion was years ago they still are not able to shake the feeling that they did something wrong.

If interested in this new ministry please contact us. We need lots of help …

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